Monday, January 2, 2012

Distraction p

Windows mobile,

I know y'all waiting for the newest Rep video. So are we. Infact, it didn't even take longer than 1h for me to post a post about it <> <- that's a diamond. We are obviously eager to push out our knowledge for the rest of mankind and teach a couple of youtubers who've taken to create youtube videos in the style of ][CdK][ homebrew rep videomagic a thing or two. We sent a 30sec excerpt to the US Department of the Interior for a peer review. They said they hotlinked it to some guy called Who Jintao over MSN and he went into busy mode and has been for half a day so I guess that'll push release dates a bit. It's fine, ][CdK][ is already making so much money by international trade 'n shit that at our company headquarters we don't even use money anymore. Yep. No one working for us gets paid because we decided that there's simply no need for money.

Anyways homizzles. Most of the shit written down here won't make much sense. That's fine. Your brains still need some calibrating. So in order to kill time and prepare your central nerve system for the total breakdown of all that is holy, here's a couple of old school COMMODORE MAGIC HACK shoutouts to our old Crews. I guess we are the only survivors so here's a healthy dose of 1986. Open your head:

[reserving some space in order to honor the following videos]

Mossad ain't got sh*t on us.


This one is a personal fav of mine. Mostly because it owns. Clearly.

(lets all stop and hope to god that these hmtl embeds aren't codes I accidentally copypasted out of our  ][CdK][ hacks and shit folder. The consequences for blogger wouldn't ever be the same...


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