Monday, January 2, 2012

Twitter is GO

Oprah Winfrey,

What up webpresence +1? You got it. We got us some sweet sweet twitter in here. But before I ponder the complete irrelevance of all that is Twitter Inc., let me show you a picture of it:

That's pretty close to what it looks like. Look at that twitter, you want to follow that. Don't you? Me too but guess what, I can't because I'm the founder or some shit. Our legal team is investigating.

In the meantime you can go to!/fivefax!/CdK4000 and tell us a thing or two.

Oh yeah, y'all want to check out this mad link here too. Well you should. Even more than Twitter because this link right here,, let me say that again, yep, this link will teach you. Have you had enough html for today? I certainly haven't.

get taught at it before hotlinks are illegal.

And shout one


  1. Well it's not the first week of the new year every day, is it? One reason why we are still operating is because we have a special agreement with the DEA not to post too many reps a year. Then again, Reps are also a work of art and since we are not selling out like Khan Academy we still value the quality of each and every Rep we put out. Thank you for checking our youtube out regardless. Be sure to be near when the Rep is hear. Wouldn't want to be missing out on the rapture; get saved

  2. Interesting stuff...screw the DEA.

    Followed. Would you please return the favour?