Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Margaret, my love and sandwich,
Listen up it's Albert here, founder of the Krew under which we all assemble here today right now in this place here today. It's a glorious day for ][CdK][, but still I'm seeing haters swarming all around this planet like a virus or like someone has just done a bad poo in a hot tub and everyone is trying to get away but it's too late; by the time you find your footing your torso is surrounded by that vaguely brown, unmistakably ruined water. That's basically how it feels.

I walk down the streets and people holler at me as they know they ought to - my ][CdK][ shirt hangs offa me like a bedsheet after I lost 220lbs through pure determination and rep production in between pleasuring countless ][CdK][ groupies. Actually I just counted them and there were about 5. But still as I walk down the street I see hate all around - little guys getting put down by wannabe gangsters, people just going about their day getting hated on. It makes me sick like the aforementioned shit story (based on true events). I should probably get a new shirt made.
you probably think this is a game, well just look at this man, he tried to shut us down and he lost an election. coincidence? yeah
BUT ENOUGH OF THAT. We hope that through our reps we'll be able to put a little more love into the world, and to all the haters, you know what to do.

You don't?


brb, snony vegas is callin
Until we meet once more, and crash into eternal slumber,