Monday, January 2, 2012

Hard @ work~~~~

Ding dong,

You can read text. Read this text into your goddamn eyeball.

Since you are proficient in this, chances are you heard of a lil thing called new years eve. Yeah the thing that went down 2 days ago and I don't mean Obamas reputation with ][CdK][ when he signed ndaa into law  (INTERNET POLTICIS RIGHT HERE SON)~


It's obviously 2012 and you know this means your favourite oldschool analog hacking entente has a video ready to split youtubes database for you to get yourself homeschooled for the new year. Well the rumors were true. Snoop Dogg (bless this mans soul) keeps contacting us about producing some fine musix videos for his upcoming tracks (bless this mans tracks too) but at the moment we are combining all our executive branches power (we are multinational in case you didn't know but thats fine, you'll get taught soon) for repping the new year. It's ][CdK][ tradition and since this educational mission was passed down to us by Abraham Lincoln himself, we can't.

The only thing that's left for you to be done instead of waiting until ][CdK][ brings down the annual law upon a youtube near you is hold your dick and train that index finger for heavy link clicking. Watching ][CdK][ Reps is a human right after all. You might also do well to rub your s-video plug on the back of your TV so it's already preheated for when the audiovisual epiphany, which is rep, is hitting web. We don't take no responsibility for any broken analogue equipment during the consultation of our Reps. If they break your shit, it was meant to be.

hold it tighter.

its too cold in my appartment right now.

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